Unique features for microcap industry


ICO list

Investor can surf the right ICO from a whole MICA list

Investor can evaluate new projects using MICA system running by trusted experts, to get invest decision easier than before

Investor will not miss any good project on the run and can follow the progress of all ICOs at MICA platform


Airdrop list

MICA provide a list of airdrops and bounty campaigns, so investor can surf and join most running campaigns using MICA platform.


Event list

MICA provide listing for running and upcoming events of microcaps, like token burn, buyback, partnership, exchange listing, etc. however investors access all good news at the microcap market through unique platform allowing for investors to stand on to where their investment can go. Now microcap news and events are accessible through one place while microcap industry expand dramatically and became more difficult to track all from different sources.



MICA provide track of microcap projects on exchanges allowing users to check the progress of their favorite tokens and minimize checking numbers on different exchanges.


Scam alert

mica helps users to get alarmed about scam possibilities or already detected either during the token sale or even after listing on exchanges using our expert rating or other out resources inside the market.


Free workers

mica helps cofounders to startup their projects at the right way finding experts provided by MICALIST platform.


Marketing campaigns

While MICA platform captures microcap niche connecting investors, business owners and service providers, MICA will be the best option for new ICOs to run advanced marketing campaign through our growing community and social media.


Alarm service

MICA platform will support notificaion, alarm service conducting through mail, app notification for new listing, events and other services.

actually going to be a Big Thing?

Advanced categorization

To cover all blockchain and ICO services.

Multisignature escrow service

Crypto escrow will be enabled for
buyers protect from fraudulent.

Two factors authentication

User can be enabled for mobile based authentication to secure their account.

Multipayment option

By cryptocurrency or fiat payment.

Dispute resolution

Dispute can be opened by buyer if seller doesn't release service.

Geolocation tech.

Find experts nearby using geolocation technology.

Review and rating system

To enable searching service based on experience level.

Mobile App

To improve user experience while using the platform.

Reduced commission fee

When Buyer choose MICA to pay for service.

Why should you buy MICA tokens?

Constant demand increase for tokens

MICA tokens are required to pay for service on its platform, but the number of tokens circulation will constantly decrease. MICA tokens will be used by project owners and free workers to pay for the services within the platform, and with total tokens paid for the platform monthly a half number of tokens is "burnt" (they are taken out of circulation). However, in the same time the number clients using our platform as well as overall number of investors using MICA tokens will grow exponentially. Therefore, the demand for MICA tokens will constantly increase.

Technical excellence

Excellent team have over 3 years of experience in blockchain solutions, marketing management and software development bringing large scale of successful strategies. In addition, we have taken professional advice from the best specialized advisors in cryptocurrency development and management solutions.

Market making strategy

We are proud to implement market making strategy proven and planned by one of our leaderships as an expert in such industry, that can be competitive and empower MICA token on regular basis.

Niche capturing

While lacking solutions for microcap investors as well as growing its community on wide range, Microcap niche capturing with its competitive services will make MICA token trending high at its market adding great extra token value for holders and traders.

First Microcap Project with
Constantly Decreasing Amount of Tokens

  • MICA tokens issued during the ICO are the only tokens which will be issued by MICA. No MICA tokens will be issued after ICO.
  • 50% of revenue when paying for the services on the platform made in MICA tokens is "burnt" monthly. This process will continue until MICA reach supply of 5billion. This plan is designed by experts to bring maximum increase in token value, while investors are getting it at the lowest price.
  • It means the number of MICA tokens available will constantly decrease.

Token Sale

Tokens will be available for distribution according to the following plan.

10 February
10% Extra-Bonus
On February
80% Bonus
On March
1 ETH = 50M MICA
Token Sale List
Start at 10 February 2019
  • Token Symbol MICA
  • Token Sale Start On February 2019
  • Token Sale End On March 2019
  • Tokens for sale 50,000,000,000
  • Token Price 1 ETH = 50,000,000 MICA
  • Decimal 18
  • Total Supply 65,000,000,000
  • Burn Function Yes

Token Allocation

15% Team & Dev.
67% Token Sale
15% Reserv. Fund
3% Bounty


Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Roadmap RoadMap

2018 Q3


Studying microcap market needs and gaps

2018 Q3


Development of "MICA" platform concept, forming the team

2018 Q4

Start Up

Development of MICA smart contract, release of white paper

2019 Q1


Token sale

2019 Q1


Listing on high quality exchanges

2019 Q2

Beta release

Beta release of microcaplist platform version 1.0

2019 Q2

Alpha test

In-house testing of functional Prototype of MICALIST platform

2019 Q3

Escrow test

Escrow service and three signature wallet test

2019 Q3


Beta release of MICALIST platform

2019 Q3

Microcaplist platform

Release of Microcaplist platform version 2.0

2019 Q4

More Operational

Integration of more securities and new services offered for members or business

2019 Q4

Mobile App

Mobile App development and release

2020 Q1


Further marketing, Development of platform

Team Behind Team

A. Said
CEO & Blockchain developer

A. Said

CEO & Blockchain developer

Experienced Blockchain developer with a demonstrated experience of working in Web Development and Security, that led to help projects at different companies.

The main focus and interest now to support good quality projects with real benefits through MICA platforms and to build a community of trust and coordination.

M. Mansor
COO & Market manager

M. Mansor

COO & Market manager

Leading market maker specialist, trading/risk management, high frequency trading, are at advance.

The second profession is web management and programming, with good contribution in works related to large projects.

The main role in MICA project is as a market enhancer , strategic planner and web manager.

Y. Fahim
Senior web designer

Y. Fahmi

Senior web designer

High experience in Web design, UI and motion graphic specially in the field of blockchain.

I have invested in many projects and have a good knowledge of market analysis related to cryptocurrencies.

I am happy to be part of MICA project.

H. Soror
Marketing manager

H. Soror

Marketing manager

Marketing and social media manager with a demonstrated work at the field of blockchain helping many projects to disperse and reach out in a good planned route.


Contact us

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • info@microcaplist.com